Why would any customer buy again from a
representative without this valuable sales tool?



“With MobilePoint®, I was done two hours early the first day I used it. I completed all my calls by 5:00PM. It was unbelievable. I’ll never go back to paper again.”

– Senior Account Representative
  Medical Products Distributor


“I went into a $7,000 equipment opportunity and walked out with a $35,000 sale 15 minutes later. The product conversation and quote were all done with MobilePoint and my Tablet PC.”

– Senior Sales Representative
  Medical Products Distributor

“After presenting our company’s solutions with MobilePoint to a group meeting, the client’s administrator tracked me down in the parking lot and told me that was the most professional presentation she has ever seen from a vendor. That really made me feel good.”

– Sales Representative
  Medical Products Manufacturer

“With MobilePoint’s QuikQuote, I was able to configure, price and close the customer right in front of him. It’s a great feeling to walk out the door with the order and know it’s off the street.”

– Senior Sales Representative
  Medical Products Distributor