Turbo Charge Your Sales Force with MobilePoint


Walk Out with the Order.

Create the need, configure the solution, negotiate the price, generate the proposal and close the business right on the spot. Your customers can now make an informed buying decision without waiting for the call back or another sales call. If you have to get back to the customer, they can lose interest, show it to the competition or look for a better deal on the Web. With MobilePoint, you take it off the street and walk out the door with the order.

Increase the Sales Size.

The speed and navigation of the MobilePoint selling tool allows you to show complementary products while you have the customer’s attention. You can easily share with customers a full range of choices and options immediately. Powerful visual tools help you up sell, increasing
the overall order size.

Save Time, Reduce Homework and Follow Up.

Always have the piece of information you need to close business. With MobilePoint, questions can be answered immediately and authoritatively on the sales call,
in front of the customer. A comprehensive manufacturer product library gives you access to current product and pricing information, all updated over high-speed Internet. No more running to the trunk of your car, searching your home office or calling the manufacturer representative.

Delight the Customer. Give them Choices.

Customers love choices and enjoy making informed buying decisions. With MobilePoint, you can review product options in real time with the customer and educate them on product solutions that impact their practice.

Stand Out from the Competition.

In today’s competitive landscape, it is more important than ever to demonstrate a unique value to your customers. In selling situations where you need to win over multiple buying influences, tailor the message on the fly to address specific needs or objections. Create an instant ROI calculation and immediately flow all of information gathered into a proposal on the sales call. Having this information at the point-of-selling provides a competitive advantage and collapses the sales cycle.