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Frequently Asked Questions

We have assembled a list of the most common questions and answers about SalesTrak®Mobile below. If you are having problems with SalesTrak®Mobile, please look over this information first to see if your question has already been answered. If you need to submit feedback or a bug report please read topics 7-8 for instructions.

1. What is SalesTrak®Mobile and what can it do for me?

SalesTrak®Mobile is an iPad app that combines five important functions in one app that is designed to answer customer product questions and drive sales conversations in front of buyers, from generating initial interest all the way to a close. It combines a PDF document viewer, HTML-5 browser, video player, financial calculator and quoting tool all in one easy-to-use app. Content is delivered to your iPad through a high speed content delivery network, is searchable and can be bookmarked for custom presentations. Because the content is stored locally on your iPad, you will not require an Internet connection to access it.

By using SalesTrak® Mobile on customer sales calls, you should see the following:

Save Time –You can bring up most product information in seconds. Most content is indexed for fast searches. You avoid having to follow up with the customer at a later date. And customers appreciate quick and accurate responses to their questions.

Look Smart —Sales reps want to answer questions authoritatively. Using SalesTrak®Mobile is almost like having a brain transplant. You have access to hundreds of megabytes of information at your fingertips.

Make More Money – By having information at the point-of-selling, you can accelerate customer busing decisions, even on transactions worth thousands of dollars. And because you don’t have to follow up with customers as often, you gain valuable selling time where you can make additional sales calls.

2. What do I need to have to use SalesTrak®Mobile?

You need an iPad with at least iOS level 5.0 or higher to use SalesTrak®Mobile. You must register with MobilePoint to use this app.

3. How do I install SalesTrak®Mobile?

SalesTrak®Mobile is available from the iTunes App Store. The simplest way to install it is to use the App Store app on your iPad to search for SalesTrak®Mobile and then install SalesTrak®Mobile from its app entry. SalesTrak®Mobile is provided by MobilePoint at no cost but is an unsupported application.

4. Once SalesTrak®Mobile is installed how do I use it?

Once you download SalesTrak®Mobile and run the app for the first time, you will be prompted to register with MobilePoint. The app will ask your first and last name and company e-mail address. MobilePoint uses your company e-mail domain name to deliver to you the right content for your market. Once you accept the terms of our End User License agreement, we will mail back to you a link that will activate the app and direct you to the right content you can download. Please do not use personal e-mail accounts since we will be unable to direct you to the content relevant to your market.

5. Choose how you want content delivered to your iPad.

If your iPad is equipped with a 3G data plan, the app is configured to deliver and update your content via Wi-Fi only. To enable content delivery via 3G, go to the iPad’s settings app and select SalesTrak®Mobile to enable 3G content delivery. Updates occur automatically in the background when the app is open and you have an Internet connection. The only way you can detect an update is occurring is the activity indicator spinning in the upper left hand corner of your iPad when the app is in the foreground.

6. My company has a support contract with MobilePoint. What kind of support am I entitled to for SalesTrak®Mobile.

SalesTrak®Mobile is not officially supported by MobilePoint unless your company has purchased a SalesTrak®Enterprise license. SalesTrak®Mobile is distributed on a purely as-is basis. We do try to fix bugs that users discover, but because the application is as-is, this is done on a best effort basis and we cannot make guarantees about fixing specific issues. If you are having problems with SalesTrak®Mobile, you can submit an e-mail request to us at If your company has a SalesTrak®Enterprise license, please use the normal MobilePoint support process to open a ticket and receive help.

7. I think I have found a bug in SalesTrak®Mobile. What should I do?

If you think you have found a problem with SalesTrak®Mobile, please send us a bug report with your feedback. This will help us fix your bug and improve the experience for other users. You can do this by sending an email to Be sure to include a detailed description of what iPad you have, what behavior you are seeing and what you expected instead. In many cases, screenshots are often helpful. You can take a screenshot on your Apple device by holding down the power button and pressing the home button at the same time.

8. I have submitted a bug report. What happens now?

When you submit a bug report, we will read it and try to recreate the problem. If we're unable to do so, we may contact you for further information. Once we've recreated the problem, we will prioritize the bug for possible correction and inclusion in a future code update.