Making Sales Happen at the Point-of-Sale


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Manufacturer Product Library

Place electronic versions of your catalogs, brochures, animations, price sheets in an easy to access library. Displayed in MobilePoint’s® pen-based browser, your selling materials will always be in front of the customer, ready to be shown – not in the trunk of the car, at home or at the office. Sales materials can be marked up with digital ink and e-mailed on the sales call. Instant availability means the customer can make a buying decision on the spot, resulting in increased sales of your products. The library is automatically updated over high speed Internet so your materials are always current.

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Interactive Product Campaigns

Interactive product campaigns are structured sales conversations for complex products and services. They enable your representatives to ask the right qualifying questions, answer objections, demonstrate how your products work, show economic value through interactive ROI calculators and help them close the sale. It helps cut down on the need for your representatives to follow up with a demo or at least better qualify the opportunity if a second call is required.

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QuikQuote™ Real-time Quotation Tool

QuikQuote gives sales representatives the ability to configure, price and quote right in front of the buyer. Manufacturer cost is pre-loaded into the system. The representative simply orders the item with an electronic stylus, sets the price or margin and generates a quote for the customer on the spot. Representatives routinely walk out the door with the order, including transactions worth tens of thousands of dollars. This technology has been proven to drive significant incremental sales at higher gross margins.