Make More Sales Happen at the Point-of-Sale


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Customer Order Guide

Access predefined lists of products your customers routinely order from you. Quickly create orders, check back orders, access order history and look up new products they haven’t ordered before. Set contract pricing and adjust margins on the fly to maximize company profitability. Orders and contract change requests can be sent to your company wirelessly from the field. Reduce the need for representatives to call customer service to place orders, quote pricing and answer customer questions.

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Customer Service
in the Field

Quickly monitor and track all sales and shipping activity by territory. With one glance, you can see what has been ordered, back ordered and shipped. No need to call the customer service center. Answer customers’ questions on the spot. Everything your representatives need to know is at their fingertips in the field.

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Usage History

Bring up usage history on items the customer routinely buys from you to help representatives manage inventory levels, pricing and spot usage drop off patterns.

Profitability Analysis

Analyze which items your customers order from you that generate the highest gross margin dollars.